New Series/Book “The Prodigal God”

GENERATE, a young adult group that I run, has been in a new series created by pastor/author Timothy Keller called “The Prodigal God.” I can’t tell you how much that I have personally enjoyed this focus. It is based on the very famous parable of the lost sons found in Luke 15:11-32. The book, as well as the messages, does a great job at redefining lostness. Timothy makes the claim that you not only can alienate yourself from God by being really, really bad (the younger son) but also by being really, really good (the elder brother). The two brothers in this story are both separated from the Father, they don’t want anything to do with their Dad, they only want his things (inheritance).

This focus has really opened the door to talking about what is truly the good news of Jesus Christ (the gospel), and what Jesus really meant. And how often we relate to the younger brother but ignore the elder brother in the story. The parable was intended to say to everyone in the audience that everything that you have known about relating to God, about your meaning in life, about how you approach everything is wrong.

I am sure that I will be sharing more as we continue our series. I thought this may be a good way to break the ice from my virtually non-existent blog.

Sorry Charlie, I love you man.

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